Life Consulting

Do you ever feel stuck in life?

Do you stress yourself out with work or family/extended family relationships?  Do you want to learn how to connect more deeply with others?  Do you want to learn how to develop healthy independence from the relationships you are in?  Do you want to learn to understand the “Good” and the “Bad” parts of yourself, so you can leverage them for life growth?  Do you want to learn how to “grow up” emotionally and spiritually so you can feel like an adult?

Life Consulting with Terry Porter begins with the perspective client’s completion of the Total Life Inventory (TLI) questionnaire.  From the information provided in the TLI,  Terry will recommend the best course of action for the client regarding Life Consulting that is based in the core philosophy of Health From the Inside Out (HealthFIO).  Terry’s HealthFIO model is a balanced approach to living a healthy life by giving attention to the four core areas of health (Physical Health, Relational Health, Spiritual Health and Mental Health). 

Personal Sessions:  A personal session is a great place to start learning where your particular hang-ups are in life.  Schedule a session today to learn how to overcome bad habits, poor relationship choices or spiritual ruts.  Depending on your needs Terry will tailor a consulting and coaching course for your life that will be grounded in the Health From the Inside Out core philosophy.  Personal sessions are typically 35 to 50 min. and are held on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday at the office (located on 8th Street in Traverse City) or by phone/video call for those who are out of the area.

Group Sessions:  There is no doubt that people grow best when they are connected to an accepting group of people who are “for them”.  Take a risk and join one of our group sessions to learn how the “power of the others” can help you in your life growth.  Group sessions are typically 60 minutes in length and are held at our 8th Street location. 

Still need more information?  Send Terry and email and he will be happy to answer your questions.

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