Hey Everyone, thanks for checking out my page here at WordPress.  I am very thankful and blessed to be able to share what God has done and is doing in my life and I hope that the thoughts I share, the links I post and the content that is added will be an encouragement to others.  As you navigate around my blog I hope you notice I try to keep it simple and somewhat relevant.  Here are the major themes that this blog will cover:

  • Biblical Discipleship – specifically, how can you “grow” your faith.  I will post discipleship content every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Leadership – giving practical advice to help you in whatever leadership position you might be in.  Leadership post will be uploaded every Saturday and Sunday.
  • Coffee – Coffee is one on my hobbies.  I not only drink a lot of it, but I also have a small coffee roasting biz.  So, every Thursday I hope to post something related to the subject of coffee.
  • Mt. Biking & Fitness – Mt. Biking is my other hobby.  I feel alive whenever I am riding my bike on a single track trail.  Tuesday’s will be devoted to post about Mt. Biking and fitness; I even hope to have some guess bloggers share their content as well.

Who Am I?

I am a pastor of discipleship and adult ministries at Bible Baptist Church in Traverse City.  I am a Husband, Father and Pastor.  I grew up in South Bend which makes me a huge Notre Dame football fan.  Every year for the past 13 years I have had the opportunity to lead others on National and International mission trips – this is another joy of mine (organizing and leading mission trips).

What’s With My Handle – NotTheFakePTP?

Well, to be honest I stole the “NotTheFake…” part from a radio announcer – I thought it was clever and catchy and a fun way to say “the real PTP”. Anyway, PTP stands for Pastor Terry Porter.  A lot of people at my church just call me PTP and I think it sticks.  Now, I also want to make it clear the THE REAL LIFE can only be achieved when we are not FAKE with people.  As you read, watch, or listen to the post on my blog I hope you will see that I am very transparent and open about the mistakes I’ve made and the life I have lived.  I am not a great husband (but I love my wife); I am not a great father (but I love my kids); and I am not a great pastor (but I love my church).  I am very blessed to be able to have all three a part of my life – The Real Life!

Thanks for stopping by.

Terry Porter

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