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In today’s post I would like to briefly share what we do at Health FromTheINSIDEOut.  There are three aspects to our business that revolve around four core components (Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Relational).  Today I will go over the three aspects of the business and in a future post I will go over the four components.


My day to day job is life coaching, that is, help people to get “un-stuck” in life.  I have over 20 years of experience as a pastor, leading people through positive life change.  I am taking my experience to help my clients to get “un-stuck” from the bad habits that are holding them back.  Life coaching with Health From The Inside Out begins with the completion of the Total Life Inventory – a worksheet that I use to see what might be holding you back from the life growth you are looking for.  Life Coaching begins with a nine-week session, an evaluation period and then another nine-week session.  From there the client can continue the coaching relationship or take a break.  Coaching sessions include a short video lesson that the client will watch before their in person group or individual session (skype type session are available for clients who live out of town).


Starting in the spring of 2019, Join Terry and other coaches & counselors for a weekend of getting “un-stuck” in life.  There will be four sessions (one Friday Night, two Saturday and one Sunday) with plenty of free time to enjoy the countless activities of the Grand Traverse Area (Hiking, Golfing, Food, Wine Tasting, Mt Biking and much more).  Space is limited to 36 participants for each retreat.  For more information about dates and reservations please email Health FromTheINSIDEOut. (


Sunset on the Sea of Galilee

Mark your calendar for November 3rd, 2019 and reserve your spot (space is limited to 20 guest) for a one of a kind tour of Israel.  We will speed 10 days in the Land that Jesus walked exploring and discovering insights that will stretch you in all four aspects of life.

  • Physical – we will be getting (on average) 30,000 steps each day, so get your fitbit on.  We will also have optional morning workouts life a 5k run in Jerusalem or the sunrise hike up Masada.
  • Mental & Spiritual – we will be in the Holy Land!  You will be blown away by how much the Bible comes alive as you experience the land of the Bible like never before.
  • Relational – you will make friends for a lifetime on this trip and what’s more, each night we will have a time to share with the group how God challenged us.  You will learn the secrets of exponential growth through relationships.

​Again, space is limited so reserve your spot today!

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