5 Habits That Might Add Years To Your Life

I recently read an article from Inc. about the five habits that could add years to your life.  The article is based on some extensive research from Harvard University.  You can read the article here or you can read my summary of the article below.

In no particular order here are the FIVE HABITS That might add years to your life…

Number 1:  Don’t Smoke

To me this one is common sense.  If you do smoke, stop and if you are thinking of starting then don’t!  There is a mountain of evidence on the adverse effects of smoking on a person’s health.  So don’t start and if you do then do whatever it takes to stop.  I have had several friends through the years give up smoking; they have told me it was the HARDEST addiction to quit.  But with persistence, coaching and developing their character they have learned to give it up for good!

Number 2:  Lose The Fat

In order to add years to your life the research suggest that you lose the belly fat.  Again, this is not something new, we have heard this before.  Burn more calories than you take in, cut back on the sugar (no ice cream before bed), sleep at least seven hours a night and increase your daily activity).

Number 3:  Workout Regularly

Our bodies were made to move about.  We were created to be active.  Research shows that the average person needs to workout at least 30 minutes a day.  Personally, when I go to the gym or ride my bike I like to get a 90 min. workout in.  I have found this to be a good routine for my physical health and my mental health.

Number 4:  Drink Moderately

It is obvious that no one should drink in excessive amounts.  But the research does indicate that moderate amounts of alcohol does have health benefits.  You should do your own research and consult with your doctor before prescribing yourself a shot of whiskey, bottle of beer or glass of wine.

Number 5:  Eat Real Food

In other words, start eating healthy.  This is my biggest issue; I need to eat healthier.  Years ago I learned to give up the pop-tarts and donuts for breakfast; but I still eat way too many processed foods.  With today’s busy schedules this might be the hardest to change for many of us.  Yet, I have seen both physical and mental improvements in myself and my family when we discipline ourselves to eating healthy.

What Do Your Think

What are your thoughts on this?  Do you see any benefit to using these five habits in your life?  Are there any habits you might add to or change?  In 100 words or less please send me your thoughts to terry.porter@healthFIO.com | I’d love to hear what you think!

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