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Things never go as planned. I have an idea of where I’d like my days to go, but the only predictable thing about life is that it’s unpredictable. The vast majority of my life feels like I’m just along for the ride and the driver could care less where I think we should go.

Why is life so hard to plan perfectly? Because things happen which we cannot control. Most of us know this, so we unconsciously build in margin for error.

What exactly is margin?

Margin is the extra room you need to allow for unpredictable outcomes. It’s a reserve of sorts, storing whatever it is might need more of. A few examples of margin:

  1. Leaving early for an appointment (in case there’s traffic)
  2. Grabbing a dozen eggs at the store though you think you probably have enough
  3. Setting your alarm early so you can snooze a few times if needed
  4. Leaving room between your car and the car in front of you on the freeway
  5. Putting money into a savings account in case of an emergency
  6. Businesses use margin to create profit and allow for operating expenses

You get the point. Margin is necessary because you can’t know or control every outcome, despite how hard some of us try. Margin is intuitive in some regards (like the freeway example above), but other times we must consciously build in margin for our own good. Marriage is at the top of that list…

3 Types of Margin You Need in Your Marriage

Marriage is a good place to build in margin on purpose since it doesn’t always come automatically. We must leave room in marriage for our humanity – our unpredictability. Leaving margin allows us to (To Continue Reading Please Click Here).

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