Wednesday Night Ride | Summer 2018

The weekly Wednesday Night Mountain Bike rides are back (starting 2 weeks late due to weather) and I for one am very excited for the new season.  If you’re interested in exploring new trails and meeting some local MTB riders come out each Wednesday night to the Timber Ridge PK Lot at 6pm.  We will roll out a little after six and return to the lot around 7:15 to 7:30.  Here’s what to expect:

  • The ride will be about 10 miles (a little less early in the season and a little more later in the season).
  • We will increase the difficulty marginally each week.
  • This is a “no-drop” ride as in we will leave no one behind.
  • You must have a helmet and properly functioning bike (get a tune up at a Local Bike Shop (LBS) before coming to your first ride).
  • Bring a water bottle (there is a fill station at Timber Ridge).
  • Do you like spandex? Me Too!  Feel free to wear that cool racing kit you got a few years ago.
  • STRAVA; it’s an app for your smart phone.  You don’t need it to ride with us, but it is fun to have so you can see where we rode.
  • Facebook.  We have a group page on the facebook.  I use that page to give weekly updates to the rides.  Click here to join the group page.
  • Weather:  I think this is the first year we have had to cancel for weather (Week 1 – Snow; Week 2 – Rain).  If I cancel I will usually wait till 5pm and then update the facebook.
  • Crashes:  Yeah, we have had them, but no injuries yet.
  • Questions:  Send me an email:  I will get back to you shortly.

Do you have a story about a MT Biking adventure you have been on (epic ride, race or cool destination)?  In 100 words or less send me your story; I’d love to hear about your experience.

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