The Power of Consequences | Parenting Tip

Several months ago I saw a bad pattern in my parenting; I was repeating myself several times a week (days on some items) to my children on various issues:

“Hang your coat up.”

“Pick up your clothes.”

“Put your dishes in the sink/dishwasher.”

Have you been there?  Finally, I remembered about the power of a consequence.  I sat the kids down, told them the expectation, made sure they understood the expectation and then shared with them the following:

“When I come home and find your items not taken care of I will fine you $1 for each offense.  Is that clear?”

Well, sure enough, the next day I came home from the office, saw coats and bags laying around and calming handed out fines.  That was three weeks ago, I have only had to do it one time!

But now it’s time to hear from you, so I want to know: When did you have to lay the law down in parenting and how did it work? In 100 words or less, send your responses to with the subject line “Consequences.”

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