Practice Saying “NO”

How do you feel inside when you have to tell someone “NO”?  Does it raise your anxiety level some?  Do you feel you have to give a reason for your “No”?  Do you ever try to say “no” and end up backing out?  The word “no” is a boundary word.  It gives us the opportunity to be us and set boundaries on what we like / dis-like; what we will / won’t do; what we approve / disapprove of, etc…  It’s important as an adult to be able to tell someone “no” and leave it at that.  If you find yourself struggling with saying “no” to someone then you need to practice your “no”.  Chances are if you really struggle with telling people “no” then you probably are living an overwhelmed life – people are probably taking advantage of you because you cannot say no to their request and demands.

This weekend, practice telling others “no”.  When you say it, allow the feelings of anxiety to linger about in your head.  You will be okay.  Later, after telling at least 3 people “no” (without giving a reason why you said no) take some time to reflect on it.  Don’t worry, you won’t lose a friend because of it; and if you do, they are not friends in the first place. People who don’t respect your “no” have boundary issues they need to work on.

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