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Knowing what hurts and harms your brain is important for brain health! These are 10 principles that will help you get on the path to brain health.

The brain is the most fascinating and important organ in the universe, estimated to have an astounding 100 billion neurons and more connections than there are stars in the universe. Did you know that it is your brain that decides to get you out of bed in the morning or to hit your snooze button? In fact, your brain manages the stress in your life in your life and relaxes you so that you look vibrant, or, when left unchecked sends stress signals to the rest of your body and wrinkles your skin! It’s important to understand how brain health principles can impact your health.

Here are 10 brain-centered principles that will change everything in your life.

1. Imaging changes everything. 

After looking at nearly 100,000 brain scans on patients from 111 countries, we know that… (Click the Link below to continue reading).

Source: 10 Brain Health Principles | Amen Clinics

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