9 Foundational Scriptures to Help Rebuild Your Marriage | Covenant Eyes

by Dan Wobschall

The world around us is not just wandering, but running, away from the biblical foundational truths concerning marriage and Who created it. So it would then follow that worldly solutions won’t fix the problem. Problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking in which they were created. This statement is simply profound and true.

It’s also true that using something in a manner contradictory to its design often damages that tool or item. And in some cases the damage is irreparable.

Therefore, when sex and marriage are used in contradiction to God’s design, it results in pain.

Sexual intercourse creates a chemical bond–oxytocin–between people, or in the use of porn, the image on the screen. When a bond is created and torn apart, wounds result. It’s unavoidable. The variable is how severe those wounds will be. But make no mistake, there will be painful wounds, and they won’t heal overnight.

Establishing a Biblical Perspective

In the Bible, God gave us the foundation for marriage and the parameters in which we are to live as husbands and wives. He gives us these rules for our good and protection as well as great freedom to experience all the joy and riches He intends marriage to be.

These nine verses give us a solid footing to rebuild a damaged marriage. It is by no means exhaustive, but (to continue reading click here)…

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