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Do you really know Jesus the Son of God?

In today’s Bible Verse we see Jesus is asking Philip (one of His disciples) this question. Philip has been with Jesus personally; followed Him closely; learned from Him; and saw His miracles.  Yet, Jesus asks this question; “Have I been with you so long, and yet you have not come to know me?”

Do You Know Jesus?

This is really a multifaceted question?

Do you know Jesus?  Yes, I know Jesus, He is a religious figure.

Do you Know Jesus? Yes, he was a great leader in history who died for his cause.

Do you know Jesus?  Yes, my parents took me to church as a child, I learned all about him there.

Do you know Jesus?  Yes, my Grandma prays to him for me.

Do you know Jesus?  Yes, He is my savior.  He died for my sins.

Do you know Jesus?  Yes, He is a close friend who rescued me.  My friendship with Him has restored my relationship with God the Father.

Do YOU Know Jesus?


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