Health From The Inside Out | Episode 1

Several months ago I was sitting at a local restaurant with one of my accountability partners (Grant Porteous) talking about health (mental and spiritual).  As we were talking it occurred to me that we were touching on some of the same themes that one of my other friends (Dr Don Piche) talks about.  I asked Grant if he had ever met Dr Don and he said he hadn’t.  So, I set out to introduce the two of them and see what God might have for the three of us to collaborate on together.  It took some time and coordination of schedules (and I have to give a shout out to two other guys that helped – Greg Johnson and Ryan Critchfield) but we finally got together to record a podcast called HEALTH From The INSIDE Out.  Our first Podcast is ready to go with more planned for the future.  Our hope is to have a new podcast on a monthly basis.

Here is our first Podcast.  Please check it out and share it with your friends.  Also, if you have questions about health (physical, mental or spiritual) please send us your questions (  If we use your question in a future podcast we’ll send you a gift!

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