Tuesday Tips | Guest Blogger Chris Collins Jr. pt3

Welcome back to my three part series with friend and guest blogger Chris Collins.  If you missed the first two articles you can read them HERE and HERE.  Chris has been sharing about the major life change he has had in the last year; namely, losing over 100 lbs and getting HEALTHY.  Check out today’s Tuesday Tips as Chris continues to share his story.  Please read it and share it with your friends!

I lost 100 lbs. What now?

We often hear stories of people from the Biggest Loser or other big weight loss programs who lose lots of weight, only to put it on again in a year or two. I’m determined not to be part of that statistic. I’m determined, with God’s help, and the accountability of family and friends, to continue to make physical health a priority in my life.

I’m still trying to figure out exactly how I’m going to do that now that I’m no longer using the Optimal Health program I described last week. I don’t know all the specifics yet, but I have a few ideas.

To start with, I have some further health goals for this year.

  1. I want to lose an additional 30-40 lbs. this year. One specific goal is to be down to 200 lbs. by my birthday (middle of June) this year. That’s a little over a pound a week. Still very doable I think.
  2. I want to increase my exercise routine. Specifically, I want to work up to being able to run a 10k this year. I ran a full 5k for the first time last year, and I want to continue to make progress in my physical fitness, especially as I’m preparing for the mission field.

As far as my eating, though I no longer following a strict program, I am still using many of the principles I learned from the program. Things like

  1. Take in fewer calories than you put out. The nice thing for me right now with this is that recently I’ve been burning 3500-4000 calories/day on average since I’m exercising more. So even though I’m eating healthier foods, I can eat more than I did before.
  2. Stay away from most desserts and high carb foods and drinks. I said most, because everybody needs a splurge every once in a while. The key is to not let it become a habit, or to overindulge. One cookie, or maybe two, once or twice a week is fine. Just not 6 cookies. Or a dozen.
  3. Eat lots of vegetables. Fortunately for me, I really enjoy a lot of vegetables. I eat a lot of salads, peppers, celery, broccoli, green beans, as well as a few others. One of the best things about vegetables is that besides being nutrient rich, they’re generally low calorie, which means I can eat a lot!
  4. Eat mostly lean meats. While I enjoy steak or hamburger occasionally, my main protein choice is chicken. I also enjoy turkey and fish occasionally, as well as eggs. Protein is a big part of my diet especially now that I’m working out more.
  5. Eat healthy fats. I generally choose healthy fats like avocados, or nuts like peanuts, almonds, and cashews. Sometimes I also add a little olive oil when I cook chicken or vegetables.

I am thankful for many people who have helped me get to this point. So many of my friends and family have helped me, encouraged me, and prayed for me during my journey to health. Most of all, I want to thank God, because I recognize that health is a gift from Him. Though it is my responsibility to work on it, He is the one who gives me the ability.

And I know that I will be on this journey the rest of my life. I will never be done working on my health as long as I am alive. Even once I get to the weight I want to be at, I will have to continue to maintain healthy eating and exercise habits to continue to take care of my body.

I am thankful for those that will continue to help and encourage me as I continue the journey. Since my mom is a health coach, I know she will continue to keep me accountable as I work on my health. I know my wife will also continue to encourage and inspire me. And I know I will continue to learn a lot from and be encouraged by my mentor and friend, Pastor Terry Porter.

My journey is just beginning!

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