Friday’s Fast Five | 1.27.17

Welcome back to my weekly series; Friday’s Fast Five; five quick topics that caught my attention this past week and I think you will like them too!  This week’s FAST FIVE IS dedicated to food poisoning because it had me down and out for 4 days…. Here’s this week’s Fast Five…

Number 1

Culver’s, This past Saturday I was at church working on the last review of my Sunday sermon (What Jesus Would Say to Donald Trump).  After I wrapped up my final prep I headed home (by way of Culver’s).  It is one of our favorite fast food establishments (quality food and a clean environment).  I ordered my usual chicken strips meal and enjoyed my dinner before heading home.  However, while consuming the food I felt that one of my strips was a little suspicious – I didn’t think much of it at the time  so I continued on and finished my meal.  Well, long story short by midnight I was in the bathroom on my knees (you get the picture of what happened next as my body purged itself of the foul fowl).  So for the next 4 days I recovered from food poisoning.  During my extended down time I didn’t get a chance to do much more than rest and sleep… so, as stated before this week’s Fast Five will be a little different.

Number 2

YouVersion – Okay, if you don’t know about this app for your smart devise then shame on you.  It is the number 1 Bible app and it has a lot of great extras to help you read the Bible more.  This week specifically, I used the audio feature of the app.  I didn’t feel like reading the Bible but I wanted to read the Bible.  So, to stay up with my One Year Bible Reading Plan I listened to the Bible with the app.  As I laid in bed I was able to get through 2 weeks of Bible reading… it was great (and the only thing I felt like doing) to lay there and listen to the Word of God.

Number 3

Hawaii Five O – I took my extra time off of life and used it to binge watch HawaiiFiveO on Netflix.  Not much to say about this except that I cannot wait till the next season is released (sometime this summer).

Number 4

Fizz – While being sick with food poisoning I felt it was important to replenish my electrolytes and stay as hydrated as possible.  Some people go for Gatorade or other sugar drinks but I wanted to stay clear of that.  I chose to use one of my Hammer Nutrition products, Fizz.  It has a very light taste and is easy to drink – even on a sour stomach.  It kept me hydrated as I was on the road to recovery.

Number 5

SONG OF THE DAY:   You’ll Never Be Alone by Capital Kings

This week’s song of the day is more of a Christian pop song that sounds like a mainstream song with a catchy tune.   Currently this is one of my son’s favorites – he like to dance to it in the living room when it plays on the radio.  Thanks FuelFM for bringing smiles into the house!

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