Friday’s Fast Five | 1.20.17

Welcome back to my weekly series; Friday’s Fast Five; five quick topics that caught my attention this past week and I think you will like them too!  Here’s this week’s Fast Five…

Number 1

PAYING THE TAB, “The simple fact is that America has a drinking problem—and it’s getting worse. No one knows that more clearly than Philip J. Cook, Ph.D., an economist and sociologist at Duke who wrote Paying the Tab: The Costs and Benefits of Alcohol Control. Cook analyzed data from a study surveying 43,000 Americans on their drinking habits and constructed a portrait of U.S. drinkers. It’s not a pretty picture.” Men’s Health Magazine

I just got this book and look forward to reading it.  I’ll write an update in the weeks ahead.  Nevertheless, we do have a drinking problem in America and I see it here is TC.

Number 2

Image result for craig groeschel leadershipCraig Groeschel Leadership Podcast – I am not a big Podcast guy; not sure why, because everytime I listen to a podcast I really walk away with great thoughts… I just have not gotten into the habit of listening to a podcast.  Maybe it’s just the hassle of plugging in my phone to my car stereo every time i’m in the car just to listen to the podcast… It’s just easier to start the car and the radio is already on.  Okay, enough rant because in this week’s Fast Five I will actually be sharing about two podcast that caught my attention this week.  First Up is the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast… I love it, it’s about 20 to 30 min long and he gives great insight into being a leader (humble leader that loves people).  This week I listened to 2 podcast from Craig about how to effectively communicate – right away I applied the principles he shared and they work.  Check them out!

Number 3

Image result for The Tim Ferriss ShowThe Tim Ferriss Show – Here it is, Podcast number two: the Tim Ferriss Show.  I read an article this week from Business Insider that Tim wrote about being Mentally Tough (you can read it here).  I didn’t recognize his name so I googled him and found out about the podcast.  I started listening to it and again, love it.  His podcast is a little longer, maybe 1 -2 hours and he typically interviews others about how they are successful.  Anyway, my take-a-way from the show is that he gets me thinking about things that I normally would not be thinking about – it stretches my brain!

Number 4

Image result for POTUS TrumpWhat Would Jesus Say to Donald Trump – Today at Noon Donald Trump will become President of the United States (POTUS).  I think everyone would agree he (Trump) is very polarizing (love or hate him).  Well, what would Jesus say to him.  That is the title of my sermon this weekend at Bible Baptist Church – if you are in the TC area I hope you can make it.  If you are not in the area I will link the message here on Monday for you to check out.  I will say this – I really have no idea what Jesus would say and I do not intend to put words into Jesus’ mouth or speak for Jesus.  But I do believe the Bible has some very clear instructions for leaders.  I hope you can listen to the message.

Number 5

SONG OF THE DAY:   One Step Away by Casting Crowns

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