Friday’s Fast Five | 12.30.16

Welcome back to my weekly series; Friday’s Fast Five; five quick topics that caught my attention this past week and I think you will like them too!  Here’s this week’s Fast Five…

Number 1

Year-End Fitness Update, I have to start off by saying this; I am NO Navy Seal.  Not even close.  But, I read a book in November about training with a Navy Seal and it inspired me to change up my fitness routine; and I have to say I have seen huge improvements.  After the ICEMAN Race I started to think that I was not as physically or mentally tough as I thought.  So I went out and bought a Heart Rate monitor and read the book Living With A Seal by Jesse Itzler (if you read the book, please note that it is full of colorful language).  Within the first few weeks of training I realized that I was wimping out on a lot of my rides and really giving it my all.  I can always go one more mile, do one my push-up and one more sit-up.  What’s more, the more I push myself physically, I start to see development in other areas of my life as well (spiritual endurance, discipline in other areas of life too).  So to end the year, I am currently running 6 miles (and I’m not a runner) in 48 min. and I can do 500 push-ups in a day.  My overall HR has decreased and I can sustain peak workouts for longer periods of time.  Next week I will share some of my goals for 2017.  If you would like to get into better shape for 2017 please send me an email; I’d love to help!

Number 2

Year-End Ministry Update, This past year our church produced a small group curriculum (Based off of Rick Warren’s resource with the same title) called Daring Faith.  It was a great effort by several friends in the church and of the 3 small group campaigns that we have produced it was by far the best yet.  Daring Faith is a study that motivates us to step out of our comfort zone – to take steps of Faith because we really believe God WILL move mountains in our life.  What is your mountain that you are facing right now?  God CAN and wants to move your mountains – that is what HE does; always has, He Moves Mountains!  SO if you haven’t already please check out the Daring Faith study.  You can watch the small group videos HERE and if you would like one of the devotional books you can email me HERE.

Number 3

Year-End Parenting Update; I got home last night and Jen told me to sit down; she had something to tell me that “you’re not go to like”, she said.  She proceeded to tell me that the kids told her that I am “Always grumpy and grouchy.”

Wow!  That’s an indictment.  I sat there for a moment and realized that ALWAYS is not the truth.  I am not ALWAYS grouchy and grumpy around the kids.  But I do admit that lately I have been more grouchy and grumpy and I need to work on that.  NO EXCUSES.  So at dinner I asked the kids about it and pressed them on the ALWAYS part – sure enough they confirmed that I am not ALWAYS grouchy and grumpy.  So I told them I would work at it and hopefully get better.  And that reminds me of a lesson I heard from Tim Kimmel earlier this year; it’s his lesson on graced based parenting.  I plan on re-watching it later today to remind myself of the principles of parenting that are lacking in my life lately.  If you would like to watch the lesson by Tim Kimmel you can watch it here: Grace Based Parenting.

Number 4

Temptation, I’m starting a new Men’s Bible study soon (January 10th / 6am) at the church and I will be using a resource by Kenny Luck called Temptation.  It is part of his EVERYMAN series and it falls into the category of GET HEALTHY (i.e. the study will address 8 various areas in a man’s life that he tends to be tempted in).  Before I start the study with the guys I want to review it myself – so each day I am going through the study and watching the related videos.  It has been a great reminder for me in my personal fight with temptations and there are some great biblical teachings in the series that will help any guy as they face the various temptations that come our way.  If you’re in town I hope you can join me for this study that starts on January 10th.

Number 5

SONG OF THE DAY:  This week I want to share with you a very powerful song by Zach Williams, Chain Breaker.  The lyrics are solid and the message is simple;

“If you’ve been walking the same old road for miles and miles. If you’ve been hearing the same old voice tell the same old lies. If you’re trying to fill the same old holes inside; There’s a better life, there’s a better life…”

The apostle Paul in the Biblical book of Galatians tells us that Christ has set us free (Galatians 5:1).  Freedom from the sin that traps us is available for us.  If you’re trapped in a habit that is destroying your life and the lives around you reach out to Jesus and to people who can help.  Here’s is the SOTD, enjoy:

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