Friday’s Fast Five | 12.23.16

Welcome back to my weekly series; Friday’s Fast Five; five quick topics that caught my attention this past week and I think you will like them too!  Here’s this week’s Fast Five…


Number 1

The Muppet Christmas Carol, We watched this classic this past week as a family and for the most part we enjoyed it.  It is timeless and a great way for kids to be introduced to a classic Christmas story; although my 6 y/o was a bit nervous about the ghost of Christmas Past.


Number 2

Life On Mission, I just started reading Tim Harlow’s book Life On Mission to get prepared for our church Small Group campaign coming up this spring.  I am really enjoy the book and the lessons on connecting with and loving our neighbors.  I am very excited to start this series with the church family; if you are not part of Bible Baptist Church then you should get a copy of the book and apply it’s biblical principles in your neighborhood.


Number 3

Rogue One, A Star Wars Story; Morgan and I got to see Rogue One last Friday and we both LOVED IT.  It is, in my opinion, the best Star Wars movie yet!  That’s All!


Number 4

Christmas, Merry Christmas friends.  I hope this Christmas will be a great time for you to connect with family and friends; relax and reflect on the life blessings we have.  Also, thank you for your prayers and support this past year!  I appreciate all of you!

Number 5

O Come All Ye Faithful: Last week I shared the Christmas Carol “Away In a Manger” and talked about how Jesus IS Lord of our life.  This week’s Carol is “O Come All Ye Faithful”; yet sometime (maybe even most times I don’t feel too faithful, joyful or triumphant to come to Jesus).  But that’s what’s awesome about Jesus; He is not calling the Faithful, Joyful or Triumphant – He is calling you and me.  He is calling us to follow Him just as we are and He will give us a LIFE better than we can ever imagine:

John 10:10 (NIV) – The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

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