Away In A Manger | #VOTD

It’s Christmas Season and I wanted to share a few of my favorite Christmas Carols with you these next few weeks.  I hope you like them.

Away In A Manger

“The origin of this popular Christmas hymn is shrouded in apocryphal associations with Martin Luther (1483-1546).

First, the facts. Methodist hymnologist Fred Gealy (1894-1976) noted that “evidence suggests that [“Away in a Manger”] is wholly an American product. The original two-stanza form probably originated among German Lutherans in Pennsylvania about 1885.”

Indeed, most sources note that the hymn first appeared with two stanzas in Little Children’s Book for Schools and Families, a Sunday school collection published in 1885 by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in North America.

Stanza three first appeared…” to continue reading the history of Away In A Manger click here.

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