Pastor Terry’s Ministry Update



Another great summer has come and gone here in Northern Michigan and now it’s time to look ahead to what God has for us as we move forward.  Today, Jen & I dropped off our youngest at Kindergarten – he was very excited about starting school while mom and dad are a little sad about him growing up.  Also, we have all three of our children in the same school this year (an Eighth grader, a Fifth grader and Kindergarten).  Kid’s grow up fast.
As for ministry, things are really changing here with the church. My Wednesday Night MT Biking is coming to an end tomorrow; and with that I will begin my Wednesday Night Bible Study in a week.  Our new church campaign, DARING FAITH, is starting this week and I believe it will be our most attended small group ministry yet!  We also have new Adult Bible Fellowships (AKA Sunday School for adults) starting this Sunday and I hope you can get involved in one of them.
What’s happening with you or how can I pray for you?  Send me an email with an update from your summer – I’d love to hear about it.
Below are three items I would like to draw your attention to; thanks for reading!


DARING FAITH CAMPAIGN | Starts September 11th
Last month I asked for your Faith Stories and although I got a few of you to respond I am still looking to hear from a few more of you.  Do you have a personal story from your life where you had to step out in faith and trust God for something that was bigger than you?  Please email or call me to share your story.  I would love to hear about how God has moved a Mountain in your life.

Here is some more information about our DARING FAITH Campaign:
Daring Faith is about taking bold risk. It requires unshakeable courage to STEP UP and face your giants as your STEP OUT into the unknown.  Cultivating a daring faith goes hand in hand with trusting God’s will.  Where God guides, God provides.  This is an opportunity to leave your comfort zone, and bravely move to where God is calling you.


KALEO | Adult Bible Fellowship | Sundays 11am
What does it mean to be CONSECRATED?  When people in the Bible were consecrated to God, it meant that they were SET APART for His use.  KALEO: Called to BE HOLY is a character study that traces the theme of consecration throughout the Bible by examining those who were CONSECRATED in Holiness: Moses, David, Solomon, Paul, James, John and many more.
By understanding this transformative process and seeing it in action in the lives of real people, you will be encouraged and challenged on your journey to holiness.
Interested in the KALEO class?  It begins this Sunday (September 11th) in room 220 at Bible Baptist Church during the ABF Hour (11am).


Wednesday Bible Study | 6pm | Starting September 14
Join me (Pastor Terry) each Wednesday during the school year for a Bible Study that will look at the life of Jesus Christ.  This is an Adult study and open to both church members or friends who are interested in learning more about Jesus or Bible Baptist Church.  Coffee is provided and discussion on the topic is encouraged.