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Did you get a chance to hear Doug Fry speak yesterday at Bible Baptist Church during our Adult Bible Fellowship Hour?  If you didn’t, you missed a get lesson about doing “Tribal Ministry”.  In Fact, one thing that Doug was clear about is that we all have a tribe that we are a part of (i.e. a people group that we are connected to that share the same interest).  My tribe includes Mountain Bikers and starting next week we are going to be very purposeful about our weekly ride.  Here are some of the details about it:

Group Ride TimeEach week we will meet at 6pm for a Group Ride | Anyone is welcome to join us!  We will ride for approximately 1 hour on some of the best single and double track available in Northern Michigan; the VASA.  We will begin each ride with a prayer at 6pm Sharp and get riding the trails a few minutes later.  Please note, if you are looking for a RACE then this is not the group ride you are looking for.  We are committed to making this a fun ride suitable for novice riders.  Our plan is to ride a 4 mile loop for the first hour (If you still want more then stick around after 7pm for an up-tempo ride).

Group Ride LocationWe will meet at the parking lot of Timber Ridge Resort so have your bike ready to go along with the proper riding gear (helmet, gloves, water bottle, etc.).  PLEASE, get your bike tuned up by a local bike shop before next week.  You will be responsible for having your bike in proper working order (good brakes, tires inflated, chain and derailleur functioning properly, etc.).  If you haven’t had your bike out in a few years please take it in for a tune up before coming out to the trail.

Group Ride FAQCan I Bring A Friend?  Yes.  If you know someone who would love to ride and get better connected with other guys; invite them out.  This is the purpose for the group ride; connecting with other guys!

How Fast Will The Group Be Going?  This is a group ride for the purpose of connecting with guys and enjoying God’s creation.  We will plan on doing a 4 mile loop the first night with the ability to add more miles depending on the skill level of the guys that come out.  Again, this is not a race; however, if this will be your first physical activity this year (or in years) then I recommend getting a physical (and green light) from your doctor before joining us (there will be no AEDs on the trail.

I Don’t Have A Mt Bike, Can I Still Come?  Sure, all of the local bike shops rent bikes at a reasonable rate and I believe Timber Ridge even has a few bikes to rent (give them a call).  If you are not currently considered a “Mt Biker” this would be a great way to try it out before making an investment in a bike of your own.

How Often Will We Ride?  Weekly through the summer.  We will meet at Timber Ridge every week starting May 11th and going through August 31st.  We will meet each week at 6pm, weather permitting (we will ride in lite rain, extreme heat or cold, even snow!  We will NOT ride if there is thunder/lightening in the area).

What’s The Trail Like?  We will be riding the VASA trail system (both the marked single-track and ski trail, and the unmarked single-track).  The trail system is very smooth and flowing, with some sand, moderate hills, and beautiful scenery.

How Do I Join?  There is no cost or user fee to ride with us.  Just show up.  But please be on time; we pray at 6pm and will start the ride no later than 6:10pm.  So get there a few minutes early to get your gear ready to go.

Do You Have Other Questions?  Email me your questions and I will get right back with you.