Six Weeks Left



Six WeeksThere are six weeks left to 2015. What can you do TODAY and THIS WEEK and over the next 6 weeks that will help you achieve GREAT Things in 2016?

What can you do this week Physically, Relationally, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually that you have WANTED TO DO this year but you keep putting off.

Start today.

“Do today what you CAN DO today to enable you to do tomorrow what you cannot do today.”

SPIRITUALLY – READ the Bible and PRAY with your spouse
EMOTIONALLY – write 5 thank you cards
PHYSICALLY – Exercise (indoors or outdoors – DO IT)
MENTALLY – Pick up that book you wanted to read all year and read a chapter.
RELATIONALLY – Call a friend or family member and tell them what your plans are for the next 6 weeks. Ask them to share something they need help with (help them accomplish their goal).

So, what will it be, what will you do with your next six weeks?


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