I HATE fake bananas.  You know, banana flavored candy and drinks.  I don’t know why I dislike the taste so much, maybe it’s from my childhood?  I do remember a camping trip a long time ago when I was child; my dad brought along banana chips (dried banana pieces).  He had a huge bag of them that he got from some health food store in bulk.  That bag of banana chips was the only snack we had on the trip.  All weekend long (whether we were fishing, hiking, or boating) all we had was banana chips to eat (as a snack) I think I know how Israel might have felt in the wilderness when they had to eat manna so much.  Now, although the chips were made from real bananas the taste was so distinct that it reminds me of the fake banana flavor.  To this day I am not a fan of bananas and especially the fake/imitation flavor.  In fact, many times imitations are far from the real thing; yet sometimes (because or hard work and persistence) imitations come real close to the real thing.

Bible Verse Daily (8-25-15)In today’s Bible Verse, Paul tells us to be imitators of God in everything we do; specifically, we are to be imitators to Jesus Christ in how He loves.  So how do we imitate God? How do we imitate God in everything we do?  How could we possible know what God would do in any given situation we might find ourselves in?  I know I sound like a broken record, but we cannot know or imitate God or Christ if we don’t know His word.  We need to read, study, apply the word of God to our life daily/regularly.  We need to develop a habit of allowing God’s word to change the way we live, think, and behave.

Skills to Learn

  • Study God’s Word (the Bible) in a way that changes your life. Don’t just read, do what it says, apply the words and principles to your life.
  • Share God’s Word with friends and encourage them with what God is teaching you.

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