Blind Luck or God’s Providence?

Brad Reed, Rescued on Grand Traverse Bay

Brad Reed, Rescued on Grand Traverse Bay

I read a very interesting story this morning from our local news.  Here’s the beginning of the story with a link to read the complete article:

On Memorial Day, Brad Reed, a 64-year old software developer (pictured), nearly drowned near the old coal dock on West Grand Traverse Bay. But coincidence and great luck were on his side.

“If it weren’t for these people, I wouldn’t be here,” says Reed, who had gathered at the schooner Madeline yesterday with a group of men involved in his miraculous rescue.

Reed had launched his 10-foot fiberglass dinghy from Elmwood Township Park Monday afternoon to get to his boat near the Apache Trout Grill. On the way, he left the protected waters close to shore and ventured into the bay.

High winds blew up the waves, forcing the bow up and allowing water to pour into the stern of his dingy. Reed furiously bailed with a large coffee can, but water flooded his boat and sank it within minutes. Reed believes the water was about 48 degrees.

“First I was in shock,” recalls Reed. “Then I went underwater. To continue reading click here.



If you have read my blog for any length of time or if you know me personally then you know I am a man of faith.  I believe in a real God, Satan, Jesus Christ, Heaven & Hell and that God the Father loves us.  I cannot answer why some people suffer and some don’t.  I cannot answer adequately why there is war, harm, oppression or bad things that happen to good people.  Nevertheless, I do know there is a God and that He loves us and He provided a way of salvation for us.

When I read a story like this I see the Hand of God working out within His creation.  I see how God does care about life.  I see that mankind does have a free-will to act on promptings (hearing a noise above the waves and wind).  I tend to be very simple in my approach to understanding how life works – and I don’t even believe I got it figured out.  But what I think I do understand is this:  There is a real God who loves us.  We have a free will to do what we want to do (bless or curse those around us).  The universe is a huge place and when added with eternity there is NO WAY I could ever understand totally how it works.  So I have to live by faith that God has a bigger plan that works with my free will and He will accomplish a great good in spite of all the bad that happens in the world.

After reading the story about Brad Reed and his rescue I am thankful for the brave people who rescued him, the training they received to help him with their skills and the “Blind Luck” that put them there at just the right time.  No, not blind luck but God’s providence.

What do you think?

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