NEW! Virtual Mt Bike Training

activetainment-ebove-virtual-mountain-bike-simulatorOkay, I just found this video a a really cool “indoor” Mt Bike trainer.  Living in Norther Michigan, I am not able to go out on my bike during the winter months.  It doesn’t bother me because I just take my exercise into the gym and ride the stationary or other equipment.  It’s not ideal (as living in SoCal would be) but I do get a good workout in several days a week.  But Now; there is another option – the ebove trainer – an indoor virtual training bike.

A glimpse of the ebove™ B\01 Real Motion bike, developed by Norwegian tech start-up Activetainment. B\01 is our first of several products eradicating traditional concepts of exercise experiences. First shown at CES, Las Vegas, 2015. Feel free to visit us at for more info!


I’m sure this ride is not cheap; but I hope the local gym will pick a few up this next year so I can test them out and train through the winter!