Top Ten Post of 2014

As we wrap up 2014, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on some of the top post from this past year.  As I go through the top ten, I’ll go ahead an update a few of them as there might have been some changes.  So, Drum Roll Please!

Top Ten Post of 2014:

10.  What Makes You Angry?

There’s really no need to explain what this blog post is about.  Read it for yourself to see how you can identify and deal with your anger.

9.  How People Grow

how-people-grow-what-the-bible-reveals-about-personal-growth-by-henry-cloud-john-townsend2I’m very excited about a new Small Group Study I’ll be leading this coming Winter Semester.  This is for all my friends in the Traverses City area.   If you are interested in learn the Biblical steps for life growth consider joining us during this 6 weeks study at Bible Baptist Church.

8.  It’s My Life

BON_JOVI_JL127Do you like the band Bon Jovi?  I do and I won’t a blog about it.  Check it out; you might be surprised at what it’s about.

7.  Disaster At The Potluck

Thanksgiving-plate-garbled-messI admit, I am a picky eater.  I enjoy connecting with people at our church potlucks but I really don’t enjoy the food selection – yes, I am a control freak… and a little OCD.  But check out this post to learn about a potluck that went really, really bad in the Bible and how God used it as teaching moment.

6.  Groundhog’s Festival

GROUNDHOG_FESTOkay, so this is more of a page than a post; but it is getting a lot of hits.  As many of you know, one of my roles at the church is Missions Pastor (Bible Baptist Church).  I organize and mobilize the mission effort for our church.  This next year, we will be taking nearly a tenth of our church family to Africa for a short-term mission trip.  This will cost us a lot of $$$ but we believe that getting our church family on the field to see our missionaries work is priceless.  To help raise funds for this trip and others like it, we have created an event that we hope will be a huge success.  If you are passionate about missions then check out our Groundhog’s Festival and consider donating toward the cause.

5.   Traverse City Starbucks

I really enjoy coffee – drinking one right now.  What’s more, I appreciate good, consistent coffee.  Starbucks has prided themselves on being very consistent with their coffee, specifically their Pike Place roast/blend.  However, when you visit the Traverse City Starbucks (located in Meijer) you will be faced with the reality that consistency is not on their priority list.  UPDATE:  Target now has a Starbucks too; so, I’ll have to stop by and see if they have their “A” game in place.

4.  New Year, Old Sins?

forgiveWe all have our weak spots or sin issues that we are dealing with.  I know in my life I have made promises to myself (and God) to “never do IT again”.  Yet, when I try to never do IT I end up doing IT.  Why do OLD sins seem to keep popping up in our life?

3.  8 Things I Observed While at Disney

tweedledum-tweedledee-2-12My family had the opportunity to go to Disney last year – probably a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience.  Well, if you know me, I always have my observation hat on – even on vacation.  I love to watch and see what others are doing in the area of life management and leadership.  This post shares 8 of the things I learned from my time at Disney.

2.  Thanksgiving & Gratitude

This was a collaboration article with fellow blogger and Friend Joe C. and his blog; The Overboard Life.  Five of us got together (in cyber space) and wrote five blog on the subject of thanksgiving & gratitude and then posted them daily the week leading up to thanksgiving.  I learned a lot from this exercise and it served as a great reminder during the Thanksgiving week.

1.  Treasure Chest

I’m really not sure how this post got to number one.  I mean seriously; it’s a post about finances and what the Bible has to say about Money.  The funny thing is (and this is totally by chance) but a majority of the hits to this post were international; so I did a quick Google search of the term “Treasure Chest” and didn’t find anything significant.  But, go ahead and read it if you haven’t already, and learn about money management from a Biblical perspective.