Riding the Tuscany Trail


I have been to Italy once to work with ministry leaders there.  It was a fantastic visit that I will never forget.  My hope is that I will return to Italy in the next few years to continue some of our work there with the local church, and if I do return, I plan on bringing my Mt Bike to enjoy some of the trails that are over there.  I think I will stay an extra 2 weeks to explore the Tuscany Trail.  Check out this short video – it captures the type of riding I enjoy most!

Tuscany Trail || unsupported bicycle adventure || from Martino Vincenzi on Vimeo.

Tuscany is one of the most astonishing gems of Italy, an amazing place so famous also beyond its borders.

Tuscany Trail goes through the most peculiar places of this region: Apuane alps, the historic centre of Firenze, San Gimignano, Volterra, Siena, Pienza, val d’Orcia and the Argentario peninsula. Beauties that comes either from nature and Renaissance, side by side, along the trail.
Like in a puzzle where every single piece of a great plan perfectly matches, so sport, nature, culture and art join this adventure.

What is Tuscany Trail? It’s an adventure, not a race, in other words an experience: an unusual, exciting and uncertain experience. A bikepacking experience.

It’s unsupported: there’s a start and a GPS track, but nothing more.
Everybody has to plan the course looking at their needs and attitudes or listening to what their body communicates. There’ll be who is challenging himself and who’s taking it easy, relishing the stunning view.
640 km (400 miles), with an elevation gain of 12000m (39000 feet), where half of them are on gravel roads and singletracks.
This is Tuscany Trail.

Video and editing: Martino Vincenzi
Tailored music: Leonardo Borchi
Camera assistant: Daniele Dalla Valle

Filmed during the first edition of Tuscany Trail (1-6 May 2014)