BVD – Dealing With Temptation

BVD - Temptation

In today’s Bible verse I would like to give a few tips for dealing with the common temptations in life.  I don’t know what your temptations are, but I am sure you are very familiar with the common temptations in your own life.  For me, I know where I will be tempted on any given day and I also know where I PROBABLY will not be tempted.  A lot of it comes down to life disposition… for example; I do not struggle with stealing cars; never have.  So, if I see a set of car keys laying in a parking lot near a really nice car I am more likely to help the person who lost their keys than to take the car for a joy ride.


I do know where I will be tempted on any given day.  I deal more with visual sins (lust of the eyes).  Sitting at my computer, going shopping or watching tv/movies gives me ample opportunity to lust.  Being introduced to pornography at an early age has given me a disposition to be more easily tempted with lust.

So, How Do We Deal With It?

Here are a few tips to deal with the temptations in our life:

  1. Get To Know Where You Will Be Tempted – It’s different for everyone but if you really evaluated your life deep down you know where you will probably be tempted.
  2. Avoid your HotSpots – we will never be able to avoid every temptation but we can certainly cut them down just by being smart and proactive.  I know I deal with lust so if I avoid movies, TV Shows and websites that tend to be provocative I’m already closer to victory.  For you, get to know where you will be tempted and then start avoiding your natural hotspots for temptations.
  3. Gather a Team – If we’re going to win we have to tell a friend.  Sin loves secrets.  If you are keeping secret sins then you will never win and gain victory over them.  Gather a team of godly friends who will help you deal with your temptations – be honest them (brutally honest) and call or text them when the temptations start to turn up.
  4. Memorize and Meditate – The Bible is a great way to re-focus our brains.  When I am memorize the Bible and really meditating on it I cannot think about the temptations.  Try it.  Give your brain a workout and start memorizing verses that deal with your particular sin/temptation.

I hope these tips help you and I would love to hear from you if you are struggling with some tough temptations in life.

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