BVD – Character & Purity

BVD - Character and Purity

There are times in life we need a reminder, a pat on the back with a word of advise; and then there are times we just need a punch to the gut and a knock on the head to get us thinking straight.  Today’s Bible verse is just that – a punch in the gut.

Now, speaking to the guys I want to say that it is easy to forget this verse in times of temptation.  In fact guys, I bet your not thinking of any Bible verses when you are FLIRTING with temptation.  And that’s IT… WHAT ARE WE DOING FLIRTING WITH TEMPTATION! (Did you see that – all CAPS, that means I was YELLING).

God is very clear – there must not even be a HINT of Sexual Immorality or Impurity with us.


Because it is so addictive &powerful and it will destroy not only our life but our families too.  There is some great research out now that confirms the dangers of pornography and sexual addictions.

If you are struggling with this type of sin feel free to send me a direct message – I’d love to help you get victory and point you to some great resources.

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