Daily Bible Verse – Friends

Relationships 1


Rick Warren says that you can tell a lot about a person from the books they read and the people they hangout with.  Our books and our friends will be the biggest influence-rs of our character.  We have a choice in who we hangout with and if we are wise we will pick friends who will challenge us and be there for us in tough times.

I was asked a few days ago about how to pick friends and can we pick friends who don’t have great character.  As I thought about my answer I started to think about my own growth process and that I am not perfect at all – in-fact, I realize that I have a lot of faults and lack some character traits.  However, one thing I try to be is teachable – I don’t nail it all the time but I really do try to have a teachable spirit.  And I think that’s the key!  We will never find a “perfect” friend because EVERYONE has SOME faults.  However, when we find people who are teachable about their character then those are the friends we should hang out with.

Lesson – We choose our friends; so, our friends should be teachable at the character level.

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