BVD – Joy

Relationships 4


The Bible isn’t soft in it’s recommendation on who to spend our quality time with; it’s very clear from Today’s Bible Verse that we are to stay clear of Christians who are Immoral.  Now, when we really think about that and are honest with ourselves I think we would all agree that this is sound advise.  Really, when we think of it we KNOW that we are not going to be pushed to spiritual maturity when we hangout with immoral people.


What should we do when we find out that WE are the immoral people?  Have you ever thought about that?  Have you ever contemplated if in fact you are the very person other Christians should not hang out with?  When we take a mental inventory of our life we need to really evaluate what is the source of our Joy – what do we want our joy to come from?  The Christian answer is that our Joy should come from the Lord Jesus Christ and His work within us.  However, if we are really honest with ourselves we have to admit that’s not the truth.

I want to find joy in my garage being spotless.  I want to find joy in my car running great and the interior of it in immaculate condition.  I want to find joy in having my outfit for the day look just right.  I want to find joy in having things done my way when I get home in the evening.  I want to find joy in looking at the image of that girl on that one website just a little longer than I should.  I want to find Joy in saying bad things about others who tend to get on my nerves.   So now that I admit that, I have to ask myself – “Who is the immoral person in my life.”

ANSWER – Me; and I have to change.  I have to find Joy in my relationship with Christ.

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