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This past week, it was revealed to me how selfish and greedy I can be.  And when I look over my life I can see that time and time again I am a greedy person.  It really revealed itself to me Wednesday and Thursday this week when my kids showed up for AWANA (a weekly children’s program at our church) and told me they had to get some change out of MY change cup from my office (each week they turn in .25 cents to AWANA to help cover the cost of stuff).  Inside, I started to burn…. “That’s MY change!”  I thought to myself. “I guess I’ll have to hide MY change cup better so they don’t get into it.”  AND “What am I going to do if I need that change in the future and it’s not there?”

I thought I had all the right answers about MY change and why I needed it and WHY the kids should have been more prepared and brought their own.

Well, after a few minutes I dismissed all those thoughts and went about the task of the evening.  However, the next morning as I was getting ready for the day I noticed .75 cents on the table and inquired about who’s money it was (I was think to myself that I could take it and replace it from the money taken from MY change cup).  My wife informed me that it was in-fact money that the kids had set aside for their AWANA offering and they had forgotten it (that’s why they had to get some from my change cup.  She then informed me to go ahead and take it since she could tell I was upset about MY change being taken the night before.

That’s when I realize that I AM A GREEDY PERSON.  God grabbed my attention and I went back to the bedroom to take care of some business.  I went to my bedroom, closed/locked the door behind me, got on my knees and confessed to God that I was guilty of being greedy.  I was greedy; not just with MY money but also my stuff and my time.  I found that God wanted to talk to me and tell me that it really wasn’t MY “Anything” and that I needed to be HIS manager of it.  I was humbeld because of my greed and that I was blind to it.  After my prayer I went back to the kitchen and appologized to my wife about my greediness.

Lesson, Don’t be greedy – it’s repulsive to God and others.

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