BVD – Contentment

DBV - Finances 1

There are so many things I WANT in life and the list could be endless…

A bigger house, a new bike, a car that worked properly, a van with no rust, 2 bathrooms in the house… really I could go on and on and on with a list of material possessions.

But when I slow down and think about all the stuff I have (and yes, some of it needs to be repaired), I have to be honest; God Has Provided for my EVERY NEED.  I have to remind myself the difference between WANT and NEED.  We live a culture that bombards us with the desire to acquire more and more everyday.  But, as I acquire more, I find the my heart moves further away from trusting God to take care of my needs.  I begin to assume the role of god for my own life.

The principle I have to remind myself is this – God is my provider and I am His steward (manager) of the stuff He has blessed me with.

I hope today’s Bible verse brings encouragement to you as it did for me.

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