End of Summer Update

Family Photo

Family Photo

Well, it’s been several months since my last post so I thought I would give everyone a quick update on what’s been going on before I start back into blogging again.

First, thanks.  Thanks for checking out my blog and reading the articles or thoughts that I post here.  I hope it is an encouragement to you (the reader) as it is for me to process and document the STUFF that goes through my mind.  Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog.

Ok, so what’s been happening this summer.  Well, I wanted to write and add to the blog a few times this summer, but to be honest I had writers block every time I attempted to publish something.  So, not to make this any longer than it needs to be, here are the top five things the Porters did this summer.

Number 1

Mission Trip in our Community

10563085_10152209063441596_6681001012851562443_nThis summer was the first summer in a decade that I did not take a mission trip with the church out of the state or out of the country.  In total, I have been on 16 mission trips and have learned/grown on each of them.  But this summer we decided to stay home as we prepare for an Africa trip in 2015.  So, back in the winter, one of my youth leaders approached me with an idea; “PT, since we are not going on a mission trip this summer, let’s do a mission trip in the area parks.”  I thought is was a great idea.  We organized two Vacation Bible Schools in the local parks for kids to attend.  We went out into the neighborhoods the week before each event to get the word out.  We organized a team of teens and adults to help with the outreach event and we prayed for God’s guidance and blessing.  And what a blessing it was; several children and a few adults came to know Christ Jesus as their savior because of the events.  It was a blessing in my life, the life of my family and the team that was involved.

Number 2

Chicago Trip

Morgan and me having a chocolate shake in Chicago.

Morgan and me having a chocolate shake in Chicago.

In late July my family, a teen for the youth group, another youth leader and our exchange student from Italy took a two day trip to Chicago.  It was a blast to stay right in Chicago (just a few blocks from Moody Bible Institute).  We walked or rode public transportation everywhere. We had the opportunity to eat great food and see some really cool things in a huge town.  And we took a tour of Moody with the student – he loved it and is considering going there in 2015.

Number 3

Mountain Bike Race

Race 3I have already blogged about this and you can read about it here.  However, it was a highlight of the summer.  Since the race my bike has broken beyond repair so I keep on getting my exercise in by running or using the elliptical I have in my basement.  Bad News – I have gained 6lbs this summer.

Number 4

Camping With The Kids

tent-clip-art-10During my vacation this past month I took time to camp out with the kids.  It was a blast!  We set up the tent in our backyard, moved our sleeping gear out there, had dinner and s’mores and read some bed-time books and fell asleep “under the stars”.  This was going to be soooooo cool.  I checked the two day forcast and it said ZERO chance of rain for 2 days!  So, no rain fly!  We were great the first night.  We watched the stars and stayed dry.  However, the next day while at the beach it started to pour – I was not happy about the thought of all our sleeping gear getting drenched.  When we got home I was right – soaked.  So, we wrapped it all up, threw it in the drier and had a camp out in our living room.  We still had fun!

Number 5

Discovering a New Beach

BRPFor the past several years we have had a favorite beach we like to go to.  It’s a bit of a drive but it has some great qualities that a young family would appreciate (close bathrooms, playground, shallow water for the littlest ones, a shallow river that flows into the larger bay and plenty of close parking).  We love going to the beach and making a day out of it.  Well, this summer we decided to try a different beach, it’s a little closer to the house (maybe a 40min drive instead of 45min.), it too has plenty of parking, a river that flows into Lake Michigan, and a bathroom.  But what I really liked about it was the clean / clear water of the river that flows into Lake Michigan and the long beach to walk up and down.  It’s a great beach with lots of fun for the family.

Well, that’s 5 great things about the summer.  I loved (nearly) every moment of it!

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