10 Things You’ll Never Do Again


I just got my copy of NEVER GO BACK by Henry Cloud in the mail and I’m very excited to start reading it.  I was able to watch a webinar that Dr Cloud gave last week on the book and you can watch it here.  In the book, Dr Cloud gives ten things we should never do again if we want to be more successful.  The truth is, each of the ten items we ALL have probably done – now, we have to Stop doing them.  I have not read the book yet (I hope to start today) but here are the chapter titles.

10 Things to Never Do Again:

  1. Never Again Return to What Hasn’t Worked.
  2. Never Again Do Anything That Requires You to be Someone You’re Not.
  3. Never Again Try to Change Another Person.
  4. Never Again Believe You Can Please Everyone.
  5. Never Again Choose Short-Term Comfort over Long-Term Benefits.
  6. Never Again Trust Someone or Something Flawless.
  7. Never Again Take Your Eyes Off of the Big Picture.
  8. Never Again Neglect to do Due Diligence.
  9. Never Again Fail to Ask Why You Are Where You Are.
  10. Never Again Forget That Your Inner Life Determines Your Outer Success.

If you have read the book I’d love to hear your thoughts on it – email me or write a comment below.