Tuesday’s Ride

Well, I tried to get out to the local trail for a Mt. Bike ride.  The temp was 70 degrees (by far the warmest day we have had here in Northern MI).  I had my shorts on, bike loaded and water bottle cleaned & filled.  As soon as my wife pulled into the driveway I pulled out (someone has to watch the kids – I don’t want a movie made about my family).  As I got closer to the trail I started seeing more and more snow in the area; but I didn’t lose hope.  “It’s only snow that’s been piled up; the trail will be cleared and ready to go.” I thought.

Well, I got to the PK Lot and I noticed a lot of snow covering the entrance to the trail… “Just a little snow, I’ll ride on the edge.”

Got the shoes on.

Helmet on and glasses.

Water and computer is ready.

“I think I want to really get after it today… 20 miles… I stayed in shape all winter… I can do this…”

I ride over to the trail and start down…

Dog poop is all over the place – I dodge it.

The snow is really hard packed ice… I try to stay on the edge…

I slam into a tree just 50 yards down the trail…

I realize I still have 2 weeks before I can ride.

I turn around and head home.

Sooooo… until I can get out and ride some dirt, check out this sweet downhill ride: