What Do You Think?

Weekly Verse (3-1-14)


What are you putting into your mind?  Is it good stuff (thoughts that will encourage and motivate you); is it neutral stuff (thoughts that are just empty in meaning – much like a typical reality show or sit-com); or are you putting evil and toxic stuff into your mind (thoughts that will destroy you and your character, thoughts of porn and violence and vulgarity)?

Everything we put into our minds will shape the person we become – we are all becoming something.  Everyday we are developing.  The thoughts that we put into our minds continue to change who we are (good or bad).

Weekly Verse (3-1-14) b

The good news is you get to choose what you put into your mind.  You get to choose what goes in.  Start today by reflecting on what you put into your mind.  Ask yourself, “Is this helping me to become a better thinker?”

Who are you becoming?  It will be determined by what you put into your mind!

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