Gaining Wisdom

Today is my birthday, so I think I will blog about something I need more of each year; WISDOM.

Weekly Verse (3-5-14) a

God, our Father, tells us to ask Him for wisdom and that He wants to give it to us (generously).  But do you ever feel like you are asking God for wisdom and He doesn’t seem to deliver?  Do you ever feel that God is silent in your life in the area of guidance?  What do you think is going on?

Are you ready to say “YES GOD, Whatever You Have For Me I Will Do!”; “YES GOD, Where You Lead Me I Will Go.”  Maybe God has already given you wisdom yet you have not followed through on what He has already told you.

I remember once when I was struggling with my finances (credit card debt and a lot of bills).  I asked God for wisdom and help financially; and He did just that, He helped me, but not in the way I was looking for.  I can visualize God sitting back in heaven say, “Terry, I’m going to give you some help by not bailing you out.  You have to figure this one out.  You have to look at your finances and get them in order. You have to be responsible for your irresponsibility.”  That was wisdom.  Just like a father to his child – if we bail out our kids whenever they are irresponsible we only teach them that they don’t have to act as an adult.

So, let me ask again; Is God already giving you wisdom and you continue to say no to Him?

Weekly Verse (3-5-14) b

Asking God for Wisdom is both an OBEDIENCE Test and a FAITH Test.  God WANTS to give us wisdom but we must be ready to say “yes” to what He says to us and believe that His wisdom is best for our life.  We need to say “yes” to His wisdom before we even hear what He has to say to us.

Skills To Learn

  1. Ask – Ask God for wisdom in all areas of your life (health, finance, love & relationships, career).
  2. Believe – Believe God will give you the answers you need, the wisdom you need. But be mindful, you might not understand now where His wisdom is leading you at the moment.
  3. Follow Through – Don’t waver on God’s wisdom.  Don’t ask for wisdom from God then “think about it”.  It’s not a deal, He is the Creator and He is our LORD, not our accountability partner.  If He gives you wisdom in an area then follow through.
  4. Evaluate – Do you feel God is silent right now in your life?  Evaluate you life and see if you are saying “no” to God in other areas.  Why would He give you more wisdom when you are not applying the truths He has already given you?
  5. Ask – Ask a godly friend for advice, This is the age of the church and God works through His Body (the Body of Believers).  Ask some godly people for advice and see if it compliments the wisdom/truth God is giving you.

I don’t always follow through on the wisdom God gives me, and in the end, I pay the consequences.  Today, as I start my 42 year I want to submit to God’s wisdom and not my own.


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