Having Peace of Mind


Weekly Verse (2-25-14)


I don’t know about you but my mind is not always at peace.  Today seems to be one of those days; whether it’s stress at home, stress with work, stress with relationships, or stress with family; life stress can create a barrier to the peace that we desire for our life.

The Bible has wisdom for us if we are lacking peace in our life (peace of mind).  Trust in God.  When life stress starts to pile on us, we tend to go into worry mode (“How will I take care of this problem in my life.”  How will I take care of that problem in my life.”)  We stress and worry about stuff that is out of our control and that removes the peace.  God says “trust in Me, have a Steadfast Mind in your stressful situations.”  God calls us to manage the things we can manage (within our skill set and responsibility) and allow Him to manage the things in our life that our beyond our control.

Skills to Learn

Pray About Everything – Don’t just go to God when life is stressful, pray to God all the time.  Talk to God about every situation you are approaching (no matter how small or large).

Journal Your Thoughts – It’s important to keep a journal of your thoughts and your devotional life.  Keeping a journal allows you to get your thoughts on paper (on word processor) so you can better reflect on what is going on in your head.  It also calms you down and slows you down from making any rash decisions.

Talk to a Friend – There will always be stress in your life and God has created a tool for dealing with stress; it’s called friendship.  It’s important to develop close friendships in life with other godly people.  Friends who will challenge your thoughts and help “re-calibrate” your “crazy” and stressful thoughts.  Sometimes life is not as stressful as we THINK it is and we just need a friend to help us to think clearly.

Having peace of mind comes with a mind that is trusting in God!







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