Traverse City Starbucks (Remix)



Starbucks Steps It Up

Several weeks ago I wrote a post about the “Best Coffee In TC” and I didn’t give our local Starbucks a great review.  Now, I really doubt if my little blog did much or influenced anyone at Starbucks, but I will say this; in the past four weeks they have re-raised the bar of quality and customer service.

Here is a quick re-cap to some of the issues I saw (or experienced) and what they did to address it:

  1. Long Lines – Over the past several months, if you wanted a coffee from our Starbucks you could EXPECT to wait in line for 5-10 minutes because of the long lines.  One of the main issues was their espresso machine, it was not functioning properly and they only had one unit.  Last week the Starbucks not only upgraded they machine they actually added a second espresso machine and improved the plumbing.
  2. Staff Turnover – Starbucks prides themselves in giving the personal touch.  Their barista’s make every effort to remember their guest and allow them to personalize their coffee drink (e.g. I order a Venti Pike with 2 inches of ice in the bottom of the cup).  When the Starbucks in TC experienced excessive staff turnover the first thing to change was the consistency in the drinks, and the personal touch.  The new staff didn’t know their guest and by the time they did they moved on so the cycle would repeat itself.
  3. Training – When you have a new staff you have to have new employee training.  The problem is when the entire staff is new, who does the training?  It was a long process bringing everyone up to speed (and it all happened during the busiest time of year).  Nevertheless, Starbucks (Meijer actually) reached out to a former employee and asked them to come back and help get things turned around.  It worked, not everyone is fully trained yet but their morning crew seems to be pretty proficient in their coffee knowledge.

Technically, our little Starbucks is not a “true” Starbucks franchise.  However, Meijer is using the Starbucks name and because of that, both companies (Meijer and Starbucks) should maintain the highest standard of excellence.  I am still not able to call it the “Best Coffee In TC” but it is climbing back up the list.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and if you have been to the local Starbucks and seen a change I’d like to hear your thoughts as well.  Have a great Thursday!