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If you’re like me you probably have no problem getting into shape by the middle of the summer.  Working outside, riding, swimming, running around on the beach and other fun stuff.  However, if you are also like my, sometime around Halloween you start to snack on various treats and it doesn’t ever stop till sometime in spring (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, St Patrick’s, Easter, Graduations – all events that are filled with high sugar/calorie counts and leave us drained of energy).  It’s one event to the next with little motivation to stay healthy in-between.  I usually last till the New Year’s Eve party and then my system crashes and has to “re-boot”.  I limp to the spring (20 lbs. heavier) anticipating the first day of getting out on my bike.

Well, this year will be different!  This year I will not wait till mid-summer to get into shape.  This year I will not wait till spring to start my healthy lifestyle.  And this year you don’t have to either.  This was the first New Year that I can remember that I wasn’t sick (stomach flu or head cold).  This year was the first that I didn’t gain the holiday 20 lbs.  This year was the first year that I have committed to STAYING in shape all year!  And this is the year for you too!

Here is a list of several things you can do NOW to be in shape this spring!

Drop the Junk!

The major holidays are over so it’s time to drop the junk food and start eating healthier.  No more pop, no more sweets, no more late night snacks.  Here’s a good rule to live by; “Don’t worship your food.”

Just a side note, every Thursday is donut day; I take my 3 year old son out to breakfast and we have a donut together.  Family time is important.

 Go To the Basement

Go to the basement or the gym or the mall or the local church.  Go somewhere and burn some calories on a regular basis (3-4 times a week for a minimum of 30 min. each time).  For the past month I have been keeping it simple – 200 crunches, 200 push-ups, and 45 min. on the elliptical or treadmill 3x a week.

 Walk or Run till you Puke!

You don’t have to do it till you puke but you do have to get moving.  We can spend several weeks going from work, to couch, to bed and back to work during the winter months.  Take a walk or take a run; because I work at a church that has several long hallways I will take time several times a week to “walk the hallways” to burn calories.

 Set Some Winter Goals

I keep setting small goals for myself through the winter.  If I ran 30 min. last week on the treadmill I want to run 35-40 min. this week.  If I burned 700 calories on the elliptical Tuesday, I want to burn 800 Thursday and 900 Saturday.  If I ripped off 30 push-ups at once last week I want to be able to do 50 this week (and there are some great apps that will teach you how to get to 100 push-ups in 6 weeks).  Listen, if you want to be in beach body shape by mid-June then you better start NOW – it take about 6 months to get into shape.  Start by setting weekly performance and weight goals for yourself.

 Set Some Summer Goals


I’m tired of being out of shape the first day I can actually get on my bike.  It’s really sad that the same hills I used to conquer on my bike last fall I have to walk up in the spring.  NOT THIS YEAR!  I’m starting NOW by putting in the work to stay in shape.  I don’t know what you want to do this summer but for me, there are 8 Destination Rides that I want to do.  Each ride will require that I am in excellent shape.

 Get a Friend

Goals are great, but the truth is most people who get a membership at a gym in January never go back after the first few visits.  It’s important to have a good friend that will keep you accountable and who shares your passion for health.  If you don’t have someone to help you, the sad truth is you just won’t do it.  Will power will only last so long.  So Get a Friend.

I hope this post encouraged you to get into shape now.  If you have some summer goals I’d love to hear them – send me a message and share what you hope to accomplish this summer!

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