5 Tips for Considering a Local Gym

gym mem

This past December I joined a local gym; I wanted a little more variety in my workouts and a good friend of mine wanted to join as well. For today’s post I will be sharing with you the 5 things I considered when selecting a gym.

  1. Location – Location was very important for me, I need to be able to get to the gym easily; that is, it should be somewhat conveniently located to where I work or drop off the kids to school.  Now, there is a gym located just a half mile from my office, but, I have had memberships there in the past (not going to mention any names) but the cleanliness of that gym was lacking.
  2. Equipment & Classes – Currently, I am in cardio phase of my life (I want to run on a treadmill or ride a bike).  When I was younger I was more into strength training, but now I just want to stay fit, in shape and energetic – so, I want a gym that has plenty of cardio equipment.  The gym I am going to now has plenty of spin bikes, treadmills, and other carido machines.  The gym also has several spaces for classes, racket ball and of course weight training.
  3. Price – I understand that for some price isn’t important; it is for me.  I have a limited amount to spend so I want to get the best cost/value ratio.  I believe that for the Location and what the gym offers, I am at a good price point.  The gym has several price breakdowns that seem to be competitive with other gyms in the area.  I currently have a 3 month membership because I HOPE to get outside by April.  Membership includes use of all equipment, sauna, towel service, and locker room.  You can add classes, childcare and tanning to the membership for an additional cost.
  4. Hours of Operation – I thought this was going to be higher on my list but currently it hasn’t been a big deal for me (i.e. I have been sleeping in).  When I first looked at the area gyms I wanted a gym that would be open early so I can get in and workout before going to the office.  However, this past month I have been going in during the middle of the day and it seems to be a good time (the gym is less busy and I am more motivated to work hard because I am already awake).
  5. Friends – The gym I picked is the same gym that my best friend joined as well. This makes accountability that much easier.  We usually don’t workout together but we will see each other there and encourage each other.  It’s great to have the motivation of a friend to push you that last 10 minutes of a workout.

I’ve been a member of several gyms through the years.  Some gyms I bought the membership and only showed up a few times, others I showed up for a few months then forgot about it or lost the motivation.  With this gym membership, I kept to the things I learned in the past (location, hours, what they offer, price and friends) and have leveraged it for a great experience.

If you are looking for a gym, I hope these simple tips will help you pick one that is right for you.