Created To Do Good Works

I believe I am a creation of God.  I believe that God is a master craftsman who designed everything with a purpose.  What’s more, I believe that all humans are created in HIS image.  I believe that part of our Godly image is the aspect of creativity – some have more creativity than others or maybe their creativity is being hindered by inward and outward influences.

I love the work that Rick Warren has done with Purpose Driven Life; Rick has done a great job of explaining how we have been created with a purpose.  If you haven’t read his book (The Purpose Driven Life) then get a copy and read it this January.

Do you want more purpose in your life?  Do you want more direction in your life?  Start by answering some questions…

  • What do you dream about (not the night time crazy dreams while you sleep); but dreams about being creative and accomplishing something bigger than yourself?
  • What inspires you in life to do big things?  (is there a favorite author, public speaker, movie, friend, or pastor that inspires you to think beyond yourself?)
  • What have you created in the past?  (it might be something small and simple or large and impressive; either way when you were done you stood back and were proud of your work).
  • What will you do in 2016 to be more creative than you were in 2015 or for that matter, the past several year?

God has a plan for you and this year ahead.  God has created you for great things that HE has planned out before you were even born.  God wants to do something great THROUGH you this next year.



I’d love to hear what God is calling you to do; I’d love to help you reach those dreams, be more creative, do something big!  Feel free to email me about what God is calling you to do.

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