Getting Refreshed In Life


What do you do that makes you feel ALIVE?

Maybe it’s swimming at the beach; relaxing by the pool; reading a great book or watching your favorite movie; spending time laughing with friends; being on vacation; accomplishing some type of goal or just being with the ones you love.  All those are great things and I too enjoy them; yet, every spring I cannot wait to GET OUT THERE and ride.  I feel great when I am out on my bike riding fast, climbing hills, sweating, getting dirty, feeling my heart pound, gasping for air.  I love to mountain bike.

Psalms 121:1-2 (NLT)

I look up to the mountains— does my help come from there? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth!

This year I have been able to log more miles and get more rides in then any other summer up here in Northern Michigan, and it all comes down to time management.  Turn off the TV; get to bed early; being more productive/efficient at work; combine activities and being creative.  I’ve learned to drop the meaningless things in life to free up time to do the things that ad value (Relationship to God, Family, friends and church; responsibilities; refreshment).  Here’s the great thing about mountain biking (for me), even though I am wore out after a long ride – I end up having more energy in life because I am in better shape.  

Riding With Purpose

Whenever I ride I try to create purpose for the ride.  I do this in one of two ways.  First, I try to get other guys to go out with me.  When this happens it becomes a time of accountability because we take time to pray for each other and we take time to share what’s “really” going on in our life.  If I cannot get someone to ride with me then I use the time to talk with God (praying for family, church ministry, friends and thanking Him for the blessings in my life).

Get Out There

Whatever it is you like/love to do, take some time this week and do it!  It’s refreshing and energizing.  

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