How To Add Accountability To You Life

Becoming An Accountable Man

I’ve been reading several books from Dr Mark R Laaser lately and one of them that i would really recommend for other men to read would be the book 7 Principles of Highly Accountable Men. I have started using this resources as a discipleship tool with other guys. Here’s a summer from the back cover of the book:

Good advice is hard to find. True accountability is harder. As men, it’s hard to admit fault, defeat, or weakness. But the reality is we need each other. People are broken. People have shame. Shame leads many of us to believe that not even God can love us. But shame is a biblical emotion and can remind us in a healthy way that we need God in our lives. In truth, we can change.The 7 Principles of Highly Accountable Men is designed to help you do just that. Change is a process and often takes longer than you may think; for many of us it is a lifetime journey. Written by recovering addict Mark R. Laaser, and based on Scripture and the traditional twelve-step programs for personal change, this journey contains the truths of the seven habits of highly accountable men.

Guys, you might not realize it but we all need accountability in our life. If you have struggled with finding a real friend in life to help you in your manhood then give this resource a try.

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